The luxury of auto-payment delights everyone because it prevents the hassle of entering card details for shoppers, whereas brands enjoy business continuity by getting all the crucial payments paid automatically at the right time.

Automizely Dropshipping also comes with the option of auto-payment to make the life of its users easier. Let’s check what steps need to be taken to enable it:

👨‍💻 Steps to enable auto-payment

Go to the ‘Settings’ of your Automizely Dropshipping account > Select the ‘Payment method’ option

Turn on the toggle button for auto-payment

In case you are not able to slide the toggle button from left to right, it means you haven’t added a payment method yet. So, click on the ‘Add payment method’ option to add your bank card details

Once done, a pop-up window will appear asking you to enable auto-payment > Click on the ‘Enable’ button

Now, you will be able to switch the toggle button, so do it to activate auto-payment successfully

🤔 why are orders being marked as ‘‘High risk order’’?

Note that auto-payment doesn’t work in the case of “High risk order”.
It’s Shopify that detects order risk and gives a tag of “High risk order” to those orders that seem fraudulent.

Though auto-payment doesn’t work in the case of high risk orders, we will inform you immediately via an email notification so that you can take instant action to avoid delays.

Our email alert will be like this:

After receiving an email notification, click on the ‘Check details’ button to check the order marked as ‘High risk order’ by Shopify

Now, click on the ‘High risk order’ to get redirected from your Automizely Dropshipping account’s dashboard to the order detail page of your Shopify store

Verify whether the high risk order is fraudulent or not. In case of ‘No’, click on the 'Place order' button for order processing

👀 Why is auto-payment not working for my Automizely Dropshipping account?

Since we are committed to delivering an immersive app experience, we don’t deactivate the auto-payment feature from our side.
However, if the auto-payment isn't working for your account, it means your added card isn’t working anymore. The reason could be anything like it has reached the maximum spend value, it has expired, or anything else. Here, you can do two things: ‘Fix what’s wrong with your card’ or ‘Add a new card’

To add new card details, follow these steps:

Go to your Automizely Dropshipping account’s ‘Payment Method’ settings and tap on the ‘Update payment method’ option

You will be redirected to your organization account’s ‘Billing’ settings, where you need to click on ‘Update payment method’ option again and enter required details to add a new card

In case you have any questions regarding auto-payment, feel free to contact our chat support team
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