Is your app the same as AliExpress?

AliExpress and we are homologous products and we both have the same set of suppliers. However, we offer more benefits than AliExpress.

We ship much faster (8-10 working days for US shipping) than AliExpress. We ensure this because we maintain a strong and healthy relationship with our suppliers and carriers
We manage fulfillment at our end, resulting in a faster dispatchment from suppliers
We use shipping services supporting the last mile tracking service
We offer 24/7 support so that customers’ queries get resolved in a jiffy

What is your standard shipping time?

Products shipping from China to the USA will be delivered to customers within 8-10 business days

Products shipping from the USA have lower delivery time, as they will reach to customers within 3-8 business days

Products shipping from China to Canada, Mexico, and Australia will be delivered to customers within 6-15 business days

Do you ship to other countries?

Yes, we ship all over the world 🤟

How to tell whether a product is shipped from China or the United States?

Just look at the delivery time, if

The delivery time is 8-10 days, then it is being shipped from China
The delivery time is 3-8 days, then it is being shipped from the United States

When will the order be shipped?

We ship orders within 3 business days once you make a successful payment.

Are the products listed on your site made/manufactured in China?

Most of our products are shipped from China, but we have suppliers in different regions like Hong Kong. We ensure all the ordered products get shipped in the United States within 8-10 working days. The products made in China are high in quality and come at a reasonable price.

What will the packaging look like? Will there be any supplier logo or advertisements?

Rest assured, it will have a standard label describing the AWB number and other shipping details.

Our packaging does not promote any logo or supplier's brand. We support putting your logo sticker on the packaging. Packaging can be customized for bulk orders.

Get connected with our support team to learn about all packaging options. Here is a sample of how customized packaging looks:

Why am I seeing the message 'Automizely Dropshipping’ declined the request for fulfillment' on Shopify?

This happens when you click on the manual fulfill button on Shopify. There is absolutely no issue with this order. Go ahead and make the payment in the Automizely Dropshipping app, and we will fulfill the order as per our promise (within 3 business days)

Where can I find the invoice after making the payment for the order?

After a successful payment, an electronic receipt will be sent to your email address. Email subject would be Your receipt from ‪AfterShip.

How to calculate the shipping cost of an order?

Our shipping cost is item wise. For example, if you place an order for 2 pieces of a product and the shipping charge for one piece is $5 then the total cost would be $10 ($5*2). The shipping charge of an order is equal to the sum of the shipping cost of all the products in the order.

The good news is 99% of the products are free to ship, and we target to offer zero shipping cost for our products soon.

Do you need more than 100 pieces of the same product? Reach out to us and get the best possible options in no time.

Is this app free?

Yes, this app is absolutely free without any additional cost 🙂

There are multiple products in one customer's order. Will there be single packaging for all the products?

Under normal circumstances, we aim for single packaging and deliver orders to customers.

In special circumstances, multiple packaging gets done for one order. During such scenarios, we mention the tracking number corresponding to each item.

We believe this ensures a delightful shopping experience for all your buyers.

Will my logo sticker appear on all packages?

From 10th April 2021, we will paste logo stickers on packages for those sellers that have over 10 orders (paid on the dropshipping app in the previous month)
From 5th May 2021, we will paste logo stickers on packages for those sellers that have over 5 orders (paid on the dropshipping app in the previous month)

Points to remember:

Orders shipping from Chinese warehouses will only be having logo stickers, while packages from other warehouses will carry no stickers. Don't worry, we are working hard to ensure that all parcels get stickers in the near future, irrespective of the warehouse location
We prioritize timely deliveries over pasting logo stickers. It means if stickers are used up, we will deliver packages to customers without pasting any logo
Logo stickers are completely free ✌️
Note that products like sunglasses fall under special category, thus logo stickers are not available for such products as of now

May I know the areas where YunExpress doesn't deliver?

Yes, YunExpress doesn't deliver good in a few areas of the US and Australia. Here's the list:

For US:
For Australia:

How to do product mapping?

Please watch this video carefully to learn the art of product mapping:

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